Mental Health

In any one year, around one million Australian adults have depression, and more than 2 million have anxiety. Untreated mental health conditions cost Australian employers $10.9 billion every year through absenteeism, reduced productivity and compensation claims. 

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10 May 2017

Lawyers in particular are at high risk of depression and other mental illness, and while there remains a stigma against mental ill-health in the profession the problem does not improve.

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Sponsored by Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers
11 Sep 2017

DCA's Diversity in the Legal Profession Network is designed for DCA member law firms or organisation with in-house council. The network offers legal professionals the opportunity to discuss the challenges specific to their field in a closed and trusted environment.

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Hosted by Bloomberg L.P.
04 Apr 2017

At the next DCA Diversity Leadership Program event, we will have a conversation about what it would take to create more inclusive workplaces so that more out LGBTIQ+ people can fill leadership positions in corporate Australia.

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01 Jun 2016

Language is a powerful tool for building inclusion or exclusion at work. It can be used to create a sense of being valued, respected and one of the team or of being under-valued, disrespected, and an ‘outsider’.


Election 2016: Where do the major parties stand on D&I?

Media releases

Diversity Council Australia has today released responses to its pre-election survey about policies the major parties would be taking to the election that support diversity and inclusion in Australian workplaces.

Research Matters, June 2016

Research Matters

To help you get across the latest thinking and development on diversity and inclusion, we have handpicked a range of Australian and international research.

The business case for addressing mental health

Media releases

Diversity Council Australia (DCA), Business Council of Australia (BCA) and beyondblue have teamed up to help businesses make practical changes to contribute to mentally healthy workplaces.


More than ever, Australians must work together to create an inclusive society

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Opinion pieces

From advertising to workplaces, in 2017, let’s endeavour to recognise the enormous opportunity that diversity offers all of us.

We need to find the courage to talk openly at work about the impact of miscarriage

Lisa Annese DCA CEO Miscarriage

It happens to one in four pregnancies and is more likely to have an effect on a woman’s life than breast cancer and ovarian cancer. But miscarriage is rarely, if ever, discussed openly.

We need to find the courage to talk openly at work about the impact of miscarriage

Lisa Annese photo
Opinion pieces

One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage, yet talking about the experience remains taboo in many Australian workplaces. It’s time for that to change.