Leading the way – Incorporating diversity into the fabric of the organisation

KPMG believes a diverse and inclusive approach translates into benefits for its clients, its business and its people.  It is a continuous change program that is about making sustainable improvements to business performance and culture.

Achieving gender equality requires a shift in deeply ingrained mindsets and beliefs, which is why KPMG is embarking on firm-wide culture change program.

Women have been seeking equality in the business world for well over 20 years. Many things have been tried with limited success. Change needs to happen rapidly.

KPMG's achievements to date:

  • The firm's leadership is committed to gender equality and all have diversity goals embedded into their business plans;
  • More than 50% of employees at most levels are women;
  • The firm has a strong talent pool of women - and is working on creating gender equality at the top;
  • It has increased the number of women partners from 8% (2000) to 15.5% (2010);
  • The firm has a consistently high return rate from parental leave and is embracing flexible work arrangements;
  • Diversity and inclusion targets are embedded in firm-wide business plans and scorecard; and
  • The firm is embedding diversity into all that it does and is always focusing on ‘what gets measured gets done’.


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