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RISE Networking Events

These sessions are designed to create a supportive network and community for CARM women as you navigate your career journey towards leadership. Sessions are held every 6 weeks. Mark the days in your calendar as seen in the list of dates below. 

Timing: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (Lunchtime)

Venue : Virtual

The structure of each session will consist of a guest speaker in the first half, followed by dedicated time for networking activities in the second half. Moreover, you will have the unique opportunity to connect with the broader RISE community, including Pilot, Phase 1B, and Phase 2 participants, as more members join the project over time. The events will be held on the following dates:

  • 7th February 2024
  • 3rd April 2024
  • 15th May 2024
  • 26th June 2024
  • 7th August 2024
  • 18th September 2024
  • 30th October 2024
  • 11th December 2024

Networking Event 4 with Guest Speaker
Danielle Dobson

This month, join us for a session with Danielle Dobson and stand a chance to win a signed copy of her book “Breaking the Gender Code: How Women Can Use What They Already Have To Get What They Actually Want”.

You know that having women in leadership positions is an essential part of a diverse and inclusive culture, becoming an employer of choice and meeting business critical KPI’s and objectives.

But the truth is, if a person doesn’t believe in themselves, their value or that they are truly supported, they will not bring all of who they are, their potential and their unique contribution to the table.

Danielle Dobson uses her research-based Code Conversations™ framework to empower the women and men in your organisation to help you expose, decode and recode gender biases in the workplace.

Networking Event 3 with Guest Speaker
Tharani Jegatheeswaran

Tharani shared her invaluable insights and experiences on navigating pathways to leadership as a CARM Woman. Tharani Jagatheeswaran is a renowned Partner, National Relationships Leader, and Social Impact Leader at Deloitte. She leads the firm’s Race and Culture action plan to achieve “a leadership team and workforce that reflects diverse Australia.”

We are thrilled to have her insights on her journey and her guidance to fellow CARM Women. 

Networking Event 2 with Guest Speaker
Padmi Pathinather

Padmi shared her diverse sector and industry experiences, unpacking how to secure employment opportunities and explore leadership learning experiences tailored specifically to women who have faced cultural and racial marginalisation.

She focused on tips and strategies to position and promote yourself as a hi-potential candidate, attend interviews with confidence, and showcase your unique talents. She spoke about how to unleash your full potential and seize the opportunities you deserve!


Networking Event 1 with Guest Speaker
Dr. Morley Muse

Co-founder, iSTEM Co. and DEIR. Board Director, Women in STEMM Australia. Winner, Emerging Leader in STEM for the 2022 Women’s Agenda awards.

Dr Morley Muse is a Chemical, Environmental and Renewable Energy Engineer with expertise in wastewater treatment. She has worked across academia, government, and industry including in consulting and construction. As the co-founder of iSTEM Co, a research, consulting, and talent sourcing business that enables employment for women in STEM, Morley continues to encourage women, including women of colour and women from CALD backgrounds to further their careers in STEM.