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ASSESS to RISE is a thorough self-assessment tool aimed at uncovering and addressing systemic barriers hindering Culturally and Racially Marginalised (CARM) women from advancing into leadership roles. It focuses on progressing Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) capabilities related to gender, race, and their intersection in the workplace.

Intended for completion by both the organisation’s project team and participating CARM women, the tool evaluates four change levers: Gender Through a Race Lens, Culture, Policy & Process, and Impact. Upon completion, the project team receives a Confidential Self-Assessment Report highlighting potential barriers and resource links, along with an Action Plan Template for a strategic 12 to 18-month plan. The DCA RISE team offers support in developing and implementing these action plans, providing valuable feedback and advice

OurVoice is a collaborative initiative between the Diversity Council Australia (DCA) and the OurVoice Action Lab at Monash University, as part of the RISE project. The online message board and forum aims to provide a secure space for Culturally and Racially Marginalised (CARM) women participants to discuss their perspectives and lived experience in relation to their career and leadership journey.

Participants can anonymously discuss systemic barriers and enablers to leadership on the message board, responding to key questions and polls about workplace racism and discrimination. It creates a ‘third space’ for participating CARM women, allowing users to comment on each other’s posts and safely discuss issues that arise in their workplace. Any CARM woman participating in the RISE project can contribute to OurVoice by accessing the platform link.

An instructional video can be found here :

This will provide CARM women with opportunities to strengthen their career path such as coaching, mentoring, strengths profiling and a career advancement plan, depending on their needs, so that they can better leverage their leadership skills and progress in their careers. This model recognises that while CARM women do significant leadership work in their organisations as they are not always provided with the same access to formal leadership positions and training as other employees

These sessions are designed to create a supportive network and community for CARM women as you navigate your career journey towards leadership. Sessions are held every 6 weeks.

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ASSESS to RISE Consent Form

OurVoice - A Community Platform

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