ASSESS to RISE is a thorough self-assessment tool aimed at uncovering and addressing systemic barriers hindering Culturally and Racially Marginalised (CARM) women from advancing into leadership roles. It focuses on progressing Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) capabilities related to gender, race, and their intersection in the workplace.

Intended for completion by both the organisation’s project team and participating CARM women, the tool evaluates four change levers: Gender Through a Race Lens, Culture, Policy & Process, and Impact. Upon completion, the project team receives a Confidential Self-Assessment Report highlighting potential barriers and resource links, along with an Action Plan Template for a strategic 12 to 18-month plan. The DCA RISE team offers support in developing and implementing these action plans, providing valuable feedback and advice

Each organisation participating in the RISE project will create a 12-month RISE Action Plan, outlining what actions it will be taking over a 12-month period to address any systemic leadership barriers culturally and racially marginalised (CARM) women in your organisation may be experiencing.

These Guidelines have been developed to assist your organisation to create its Action Plan and so create opportunities for CARM women in your organisation to rise into leadership.

Your organisation’s RISE project team can create an Action Plan by following the below steps, which are elaborated in these Guidelines.

The community of practice sessions serve as collaborative learning spaces where organizations can share opportunities and challenges, exchange insights, and document best practices. These sessions are held every two months, with DCA offering secretariat support.


What are the aims?

The aims of the community of practice sessions are to:

1. Provide a safe space for organizations to share strategies, reflect on progress, troubleshoot issues, and celebrate successes within the RISE project.

2. Facilitate shared learning on systemic barriers and enablers for Culturally and Racially Marginalized (CARM) women’s leadership progression.

3. Support the principles of the RISE project, including to:

  • Benefit CARM women,
  • Centre CARM women’s voices,
  • Create racial safety for CARM women
  • Foster an effective collaborative working relationship


How does it work?

  • Every meeting will have 1-2 focus topics
  • Meetings will have a rotating chair – one pilot organisation will run each meeting
  • Organisations have staff at every meeting
  • Opportunities to share learning with DCA members and broader communities