Embedding Equitable Flexibility

28 Jun 2022


As we return to COVID-normal, are we in danger of creating a two-class system where those who return to face-to-face work leave behind those who continue to work virtually?

The pandemic has underlined the benefits of hybrid and remote work but less is understood about the impact of a lack of face-time and visibility on collaboration, inclusion and progression and how this might impact particular diversity groups more. Ensuring leaders understand how to manage staff with differing work arrangements inclusively is going to be key.   

At this Diversity Leadership Program event, we discover how organisations can create more equitable hybrid work models.

Our guest panel include:

  • Rae Cooper AO, Professor of Gender, Work and Employment Relations and Founding Director of the newly launched Gender Equality in Working Life Research Initiative at the University of Sydney who will outline her research on gender equality in work and employment and the future of work
  • Sam Nickless, Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Gilbert + Tobin who will outline the tools and processes for ways of hybrid working that his organisation has developed and the challenges of ‘out of sight, out of mind’, 
  • Dr Sean Gallagher, Director of the Centre for the New Workforce (CNeW), Swinburne Edge, who has conducted extensive research and models to help senior executives navigate expectations and demands of new hybrid working models, and
  • Dr Virginia Mapedzahama, DCA’s Member Education Director, who will discuss the importance of workplaces considering intersectionality when designing equitable approaches to flexibility and how DCA members can use Future Flex to support them in doing so.

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