Workplace Inclusion for Culturally and Racially Marginalised People with Disability

08 Sep 2022


To date there is very little research in Australia on workplace inclusion for culturally and racially marginalised people with disability. However, we know that race and ethnicity intersect with disability to amplify people's lived experiences of discrimination, and to lower workplace participation and inclusion.

At DCA’s next Diversity Leadership Program event bought to you in partnership with HSBC Bank Australia, we take a look at the workplace experiences of culturally and racially marginalised people with disability.

Our guest presenter, Andrew Jakubowicz, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Technology Sydney will unpack the implications of the intersections of race and disability for workplace inclusion for people with lived experiences, such as:

  • Differing rates and types of disability in diverse communities including migrant and refugee populations
  • Heightened risk of acquiring a disability at work
  • Multiple marginalising factors such as gender, age, class, neurodiversity, LGBTIQ+ status and caring responsibilities that can compound disadvantage.

We will also hear the perspectives of guest speakers with lived experiences who will give practical advice on how organisations can remove the barriers to participation as well as create more inclusive workplaces. 

Join DCA's Director Member Education, Dr Virginia Mapedzahama, for this discussion:

  • Dominic Golding, Policy and Project Officer, National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA),
  • Susie Eve, ILC Project Coordinator, Multicultural Peer Network, Settlement Services International,
  • Janet Irvine, Manager Diversity Training, Settlement Services International,
  • Giancarlo de Vera, Senior Manager, Policy at People With Disability Australia, and
  • Andrew Jakubowicz, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Technology Sydney.


Event Speakers

DCA is committed to ensuring that our extensive calendar of events includes speakers with a diversity of lived experiences, as well as subject matter expertise.
If you have subject matter expertise in D&I, and/or a diverse perspective or lived experience you would like to share, and you are interested in being part of a future DCA event, please send us an email, [email protected], and let us know about you, your experience, and your interest. DCA will get in touch if we see a suitable opportunity.

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