Gender and sexual diversity inclusion

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Settlement Services International (SSI) is a national not-for-profit organisation providing life-changing human and social services.

With community at the heart of everything they do, their purpose is to help create a more inclusive society in which everyone can meaningfully contribute to social, cultural, civic and economic life.

SSI was founded in Sydney in 2000 with the aim of helping newly arrived refugees settle in Australia. Over time, their expertise in working with people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds served as the foundation for a gradual expansion into other social services and geographical areas.

As Australia’s diversity and inclusion landscape expands to be inclusive of ever more people, SSI have also found themselves wanting to engage with gender and sexual diversity (GSD), and what’s more do this within a cohort where awareness and engagement with the issue may be low.

This case study shows how SSI approached the nuanced differences that can arise with an intersectional approach to Diversity and Inclusion.


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