Being a good ally

Amnesty International Australia shared insights from Amnesty’s new guide on how to be a genuine ally.

With our guest panel, DCA Board member and MC Kate Russell, then exploree successful allyship for groups such as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples, people with disability, culturally diverse people, LGBTIQ+ people and women.

Insights included:

  • Acknowledging privilege
  • Listening to lived experiences
  • Calling out inequality
  • Amplifying diverse voices
  • Understanding cultural load and identity strain
  • Using inclusive language
  • Hiring, sponsoring and promoting diverse talent.

Panelists included:

  1. Dr Victor Sojo, Senior Lecturer in Leadership, at the University of Melbourne,
  2. Stephanie Galera, Global Diversity & Inclusion Leaders, Workplace Programs & Community Engagement, IBM,
  3. Hannah Diviney, Writer & Disability advocate, and
  4. Shankar Kasynathan and Aleysha Shafique from Amnesty International Australia.

Event Reviews

‘It has been such an enriching and humbling event. Thank you so much Sue, Kate, Lisa, and the DCA team for having me and granting me the opportunity to learn from you all. I am honored to be part of such an important conversation!’ – Stephanie, event guest

‘I very much appreciated today’s speakers sharing their knowledge and personal experiences. It opened my eyes a little wider and made me realise the commitment required to support people from diverse backgrounds. Thank you!!’ – Anon, event participant

‘This was one of the best online webinars I have ever attended.  The panelists were excellent, the facilitator was knowledgeable, and the content was seamless in its presentation.  Job well done!’ – Anon, event participant

‘The event contributors brought a grounded, compassionate approach to racism and allyship. Their tips were practical, kind and generous. The event host was amazing too – on point with her questions. Thank you.’ – Anon, event participant

‘I enjoyed this mornings event, Being a Good Ally, immensely. It was well organised and hosted first and foremost, but it was also relevant and offered real tangible and useful information that we can all implement today.’ – Anon, event participant

‘I really enjoyed this event, the quality of guests was very impressive and I walked away with very clear learnings. excellent.’ Julie, Event participant

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