Beyond Binary for gender inclusive workplaces

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Gender equality efforts have historically focused on the inequalities between men and women. However, increasingly, organisations are recognising in their D&I work that sex and gender are both on a spectrum and gender equality initiatives must be inclusive of people of all genders.

At this Gender Equality Network, we examined how workplaces can be more inclusive of individuals who identify as nonbinary.

Our guest speakers investigated:

  • The gender/sex binary and why it is important for gender equality initiatives to think beyond the binary,
  • How workplaces can be more inclusive of nonbinary individuals and those whose identities sit between or outside this binary,
  • What it means to be nonbinary and the unique challenges that nonbinary people face in the workplace,
  • The importance of inclusive language and using correct pronouns,
  • How to develop policies and practices that are inclusive and supportive of nonbinary employees,
  • A case study of an organisation’s work to be more inclusive of nonbinary folks.

Guest panel included:

  • Sarah Cox (she/her), LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Manager at KPMG Australia (An AWEI award winner),
  • Cass Best (they/them), Cultural Safety, Engagement and Partnerships Lead, Settlement Services International and Board member, BLAQ Aboriginal corporation, and
  • Kath Sciacca (they/them), Member Relations Manager, DCA.

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