Is Your Workplace Inclusive of Non-apparent Disabilities?

Speakers- Marni, Anjelo, Ellie, Jeremy
Marked annually each December, International Day of People with Disabilities aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by people with disabilities and promote their full and equal participation in all aspects of society. But what does this day mean for the three in five people, or 60 per cent of Australians, who are living with a disability that is not apparent or outwardly obvious?
Disabilities that aren’t apparent can impact physical, cognitive, and sensory functions and may include a range of conditions. A lack of awareness and understanding at work about these disabilities means many organisations don’t know how to be inclusive in this context. Employees who do not disclose their non-apparent disability can also miss out on the support they need – and those that do disclose can face skepticism and judgement from others, or outright discrimination. Either way, they can struggle with workplace exclusion and isolation.
Join DCA CEO Lisa Annese (she/her) and guest speakers from DCA member organisations. Panellists will talk about the unique challenges and barriers faced by people with non-apparent disabilities at work – and share what workplaces can do to raise awareness and foster inclusion.

Our panel will include:
  1. Rani Mina (she/her), Chief Risk and Compliance Officer and Co-Executive Sponsor of HSBC Bank Australia’s Ability ERG,
  2. Anjelo Ratnachandra (he/him), Board Member, Chronic Pain Australia and Beyond Pain Founder and Director,
  3. Ellie Cole (she/her), APM Ambassador and former Australian retired Paralympic swimmer and wheelchair basketball player, and
  4. Jeremy Nagel (he/him), Founder of Focus Bear.

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