Attracting, Retaining and Progressing Neurodivergent Talent

At this D&I Insights Program, we spoke to experts, people with lived experience and employers who explained how organisations can successfully start recruiting neurodivergent talent in all its forms and help these employees to flourish.

DCA CEO Lisa Annese spoke with Jim Mullan, CEO of Amaze – a leading Autism organisation that builds understanding in the community and provides resources to individuals, families, and employers to adopt Autism-inclusive employment approaches through the A-Plus Employer Program.

Jim and Lisa were joined by four guest speakers:

  1. Di Rutter, Partner at PwC Australia who leads Diversity & Inclusion for Consulting and is a partner in the Customer Experience business. She will share the connection to PwC’s broader D&I strategy, and the focus on supporting a demand-side approach to Autism,
  2. Gerard Atkinson, Director, ARTD Consultants, who has extensive experience in Autistic spaces as Board Chair for Reframing Autism, and is Autistic himself,
  3. Alex McGrath, Senior DEI & Wellbeing Specialist, co-lead of the DE&I Talent Programs Squad, REA Group Ltd, who will share practical perspectives, and key learnings on their approach to creating a more Neurodivergent inclusive work environment, and
  4. Jeremy Nagel, Founder of Focus Bear, a neurodistinct startup and product manager at MessageMedia who has lived experience of ADHD and Autism and who will talk to creating solutions that empower neurodivergent individuals.

At the event, we investigated:

  • Reframing Autism, and widening the opportunity for participation beyond technology-based roles,
  • Recruiting, attracting, retaining, and progressing neurodivergent talent through supporting People & Culture teams to identify, adapt and amend policy, practice and process,
  • Creating the conditions, confidence and skills needed, by focusing on upskilling managers, and building understanding across the whole organisation, and
  • Navigating challenges in the workplace to create inclusive workplaces for all.Re

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