Caring is sharing

The Art of Inclusion - Caring is sharing – pioneering shared care policies in Australia’s workplaces.  Stones on the beach are arranged to look like four different sized footprints representing a family.

Men are the breadwinners, women are the caregivers, so go the traditional gender roles. But shared care models being rolled out in some of Australia’s top companies flip that script.

We hear from one dad taking on a more active caring role, and get expert comment from academic Victor Sojo, as well as Catherine McNair, QBE’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion. 

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Produced and written by Andrea Rivera and Sam Loy. Researched and hosted by Andrew Maxwell. Executive produced by Lisa Annese.

Some things to follow up on

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Really enjoyed this succinct and intelligent discussion around mainstreaming shared care. Catherine’s vision is inspiring and Victor’s ‘no excuses’ policy for managers perpetuating stereotypes was spot on. I just want everyone to hear this message!

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