Culture & Religion

Today's workforce comprises people from all manner of cultural, ethnic, religious and national backgrounds and identities.

Cultural diversity, cultural capability, and global experience in senior executive ranks are increasingly being recognised as valuable sought after assets. A culturally diverse and capable leadership team can assist an organisation to broaden its strategic perspective, identify and enter new local and global markets, innovate, achieve business goals in culturally diverse business settings, and generate high performing multi-national and multicultural teams.

DCA defines cultural diversity as:

The variation between people in terms of how they identify on a range of dimensions including ancestry, ethnicity, ethno-religiosity, language, national origin, race, and/or religion.

Employers can do a lot to make the most of the talents of a culturally diverse workforce.

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DCA Research

Capitalising on Culture and Gender in ASX leadership

Capitalising on culture and gender in leadership report cover image

In this landmark research, Diversity Council Australia and Deakin University, with the financial support of CPA Australia, tracked the extent of cultural diversity among women in leadership in ASX companies from 2004 to 2015.

Leading in the Asian Century: A National Scorecard of Australia’s Workforce Asia Capability

Asia Capability report cover

In ground breaking research, DCA has generated the first ever National Scorecard of Australia’s Workforce Asia Capability.

WordsAtWork - Building inclusion through the power of language

Words at Work report image

DCA has developed a new Words At Work campaign for workplaces to show how inclusive language can improve workplace culture and drive productivity.

Capitalising on Culture - ASX Directors 2004-2013

Diversity Council Australia partnered with Deakin University on Australian first research to investigate cultural diversity in ASX Boards over the past decade.

Capitalising on Culture

In an Australian first, DCA's new research called Capitalising on Culture: A Study of the Cultural Origins of ASX 200 Business Leaders and released on 23 October 2013, reveals the cultural origins of board members and senior executives in our major listed companies.

Cracking the Cultural Ceiling

People from Asian backgrounds are well represented in entry level and mid-level jobs in Australian business, yet they are significantly under-represented in leadership roles, representing an enormous waste of talent, according to DCA's research launched August 2014.

Capitalising on Culture Pilot Survey

Capitalising on Culture showed an encouraging depth and breadth of cultural and linguistic diversity at the most senior levels and in the leadership pipeline, but also revealed a need to capitalise more on talent who possess a non-English speaking cultural identity.

Coming events

Hosted by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Sponsored by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
09 Oct 2017

DCA members are invited to the next meeting of the Building Cultural Capability Network. This network provides members with an opportunity to share insights and challenges on building greater organisational cultural capability.

Webcasts from past events

23 Mar 2017

In the week celebrating Harmony Day, DCA is delighted to bring you our next Building Cultural Capability Network event where we will investigate how well companies are capitalising on culture and gender in their leadership ranks.

Hosted by Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers
04 Aug 2016

At DCA’s next Building Cultural Capability Network event we will look at the barriers Australian Muslims face when it comes to work and how organisations can tackle discrimination and create more inclusive workplaces.


Double jeopardy and the dearth of culturally diverse women in ASX leadership

News articles

To mark 2017 International Women’s Day, DCA and Deakin University, with the support of CPA Australia, investigated the representation of culturally diverse women in the leadership ranks of all Australian listed companies between 2004 and 2015.

Anything but PC - D&I is a vital business tool in 2017 and beyond

Media releases

Many leading practice Australian businesses continue to reap the rewards of diversity and inclusion (D&I) while others in the community want to ignore the benefits, according to Diversity Council Australia.

DCA submission does not support changes to the Racial Discrimination Act

Media releases

DCA's submission to the Freedom of Speech in Australia Inquiry arguing against changes to the Racial Discrimination Act is based on feedback from our member organisations.


You're entitled to your opinion, unless it's not based on fact

Lisa Annese photo
Opinion pieces

We must have the courage to call out racism when we see it.

More than ever, Australians must work together to create an inclusive society

Lisa Annese photo
Opinion pieces

From advertising to workplaces, in 2017, let’s endeavour to recognise the enormous opportunity that diversity offers all of us.

Robots aren't racist

Cathy Brown, Policy & Research Manager, DCA

While jobs across the economy are becoming redundant as automated systems and artificial intelligence take over, Cathy Brown, DCA's Policy & Research Manager notes that robots are not sexist, racist or homophobic, it’s the people who program them.