Attracting and retaining Indigenous Australians makes good business sense - they represent a young, enthusiastic and growing talent pool as well as market for your organisation’s products or services. In this section, you will find the following resources to help you manage this important aspect of diversity: 

DCA Research

WordsAtWork - Building inclusion through the power of language

Words at Work report image

DCA has developed a new Words At Work campaign for workplaces to show how inclusive language can improve workplace culture and drive productivity.

Closing the Work Gap in Corporate Australia

Diversity Council Australia partnered with Reconciliation Australia and Lend Lease on new research called, Closing the Work Gap in Corporate Australia. The research involved conducting interviews with Indigenous thought leaders, and engagement and employment practitioners.

Engaging Aboriginal Australians in our workplace

Sponsored by National Australia Bank, this landmark research project revealed the motivations and aspirations of Aboriginal Australians to provide valuable information to help build sustainable employment strategies for the future.

Case Studies

Indigenous representation at Woolworths

In support of their commitment to increasing Indiegnous employment, Woolworths has built a comprehensive workforce plan.

Woolworths Resourcing the Future Program

Woolworths is committed to driving employment growth of Indigenous people in Australia through their Resourcing the Future Program.


Stan Grant delivers inaugural D&I Oration - Constitutional reform is unfinished business

News articles

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples have a history of entrepreneurship and engaging with the mainstream economy but constitutional reform remains unfinished business, according to Stan Grant, delivering the inaugural DCA D&I Oration in Melbourne, sponsored by BAE Systems Australia.

Embracing Indigenous talent and success – how Australian business can help reinvent the narrative

Media releases

In partnership with BAE Systems Australia, Diversity Council Australia is proud to present a special event – the inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Oration – to be delivered by Stan Grant.

Anything but PC - D&I is a vital business tool in 2017 and beyond

Media releases

Many leading practice Australian businesses continue to reap the rewards of diversity and inclusion (D&I) while others in the community want to ignore the benefits, according to Diversity Council Australia.


Key issues that will define 2018


This agenda for change agents outlines the key issues that will define 2018

More than ever, Australians must work together to create an inclusive society

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Opinion pieces

From advertising to workplaces, in 2017, let’s endeavour to recognise the enormous opportunity that diversity offers all of us.

Relationships, respect and trust key to engagement with Indigenous employees

Lisa Annese DCA CEO - Reconciliation

Have you ever really considered the implications of ticking 'yes' to the question, “Are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander?” on an employment form? For some Indigenous Australians, the decision to share their heritage to employers and colleagues has been, and continues to be, a difficult one.

Coming events

22 Feb 2018

The next meeting of our Building Capability for Indigenous Australia network sponsored by Lendlease will explore Uluru Statement and constitutional recognition.

28 Jun 2018

The next meeting of our Building Capability for Indigenous Australia network sponsored by Lendlease will look at emerging Indigenous Executive Leaders.

11 Sep 2018

The next meeting of our Building Workplace Capability for Indigenous Australia network, sponsored by Lendlease, will ask 'Is your organisation culturally appropriate for Indigenous workers?'

Webcasts from past events

Hosted by PwC
Sponsored by Lendlease
28 Aug 2017

DCA’s Building Workplace Capability for Indigenous Australia Network, sponsored by Lendlease and hosted by PwC Indigenous Consulting, will investigate the role unconscious bias plays in preventing Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people from progressing at work and what can be done to address it.

Sponsored by BAE Systems Australia
26 Jul 2017

DCA is proud to announce that a new flagship event has been added to its calendar this year - DCA’s Inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Oration. Brought to you in partnership with BAE Systems Australia, this year’s Oration was delivered by Stan Grant, Indigenous Affairs Editor for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and special advisor to the Prime Minister on Indigenous constitutional recognition.  Stan spoke of a rapidly expanding Aboriginal middle class that is increasingly university educated, entrepreneurial and contributing extraordinary talent to Australian business and political life. However this overlooks fundamental issues that still need to be addressed.