Five ways to get involved this Inclusion at Work Week

The most wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us! Diversity Council Australia’s annual week-long celebration of workplace diversity and inclusion takes place from 6 to 10 November and we couldn’t be more excited. 

In its second year running, #InclusionAtWorkWeek is a digital campaign that gives you the opportunity to share why D&I is important to you, providing an excellent platform to showcase all the great work your organisation does to foster a more inclusive and diverse workplace.  

With all the evidence on how Inclusion@Work benefits employee health and wellbeing, innovation, and organisational performance – what’s not to celebrate? 

Here are five things you can do to get involved: 

1. Post a video  

DCA members can post a short video to their social media channels using the assets and prompt questions provided in our Inclusion at Work Week guide (available for members only). Feel free to get creative and don’t forget to tag DCA and use the hashtag #InclusionAtWorkWeek so we can share your responses. Check out these examples from DCA staff. 

Both individuals and organisations can get involved. If you prefer not to post a video, you can still get involved by posting a social media shout-out.  

2.  Write a blog 

Why not celebrate and highlight your organisation’s D&I initiatives and accomplishments from this year in a blog post? This is a great way to encourage employees to reflect on progress and inspire ideas for improvement. 

Blogs are also a great way to highlight different D&I topics and educate your team and stakeholders about the importance of inclusion. Here are some examples from DCA’s blog. 

3. Host an event  

Inclusion at Work Week is a great opportunity to get your team together and talk about all things D&I. You could host an event inviting in external speakers who champion D&I causes, or just do something simple like hosting a team lunch or brainstorming session. 

It doesn’t matter if your event is in-person or virtual, so long as it’s inclusive. Check out DCA’s events page for inspiration. 

4. Educate yourself 

The D&I space is constantly evolving. This week is a great reminder to update your D&I knowledge and encourage your colleagues to do the same.  

A great place to start is DCA’s resources page, which covers 11 different diversity dimensions and offers wide-ranging information on diversity and inclusion in Australia. For those who want to go a step further, check out our Knowledge Programs and eLearning platform. A good place to start is this recent example from our blog. 

5. Start a conversation  

On top of the digital conversations you will spark with your stellar videos, you can take your D&I discourse offline and have a chat with your colleagues.  

Use Inclusion at Work Week as an opening to discuss any D&I initiatives you’d like to see your organisation adopt, or just open a dialogue to share ideas on how your organisation can improve in this space.  

Consider using your internal communications channels to acknowledge this important week by celebrating all the great things your organisation has done to promote inclusion this year, share resources, or simply give a shout-out to a colleague who goes above and beyond to make your workplace more inclusive.  

DCA members can access the Inclusion at Work Week guide and download assets here 

Even if your organisation is not a DCA member, you can still participate in Inclusion at Work Week! To get involved, simply share your diversity and inclusion stories on social media during the week of 6-10 November and use the hashtag #InclusionAtWorkWeek.

If you’d like to discuss becoming a member so you can access all the great assets, support and additional resources, you can reach out to our memberships team here