Centring Voice When Creating Workplace D&I Change

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Following International Women’s Day, this event takes a look at DCA’s new resource on how to deliberately prioritise and centre culturally and racially marginalised (CARM) women’s voices in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Who are ‘CARM Women’? CARM women in Australia are women typically racialised as Black, Brown, Asian, or any non-white group, who face discrimination or marginalisation due to their race and/or racialised religion. This includes Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander women.

Our research revealed that CARM women’s voices are not centred in matters that directly impact them. And yet, CARM women have significant expertise due to their lived experiences of racialised gender discrimination.

Watch DCA Board Chair Ming Long AM and our keynote speaker Sheetal Deo, DCA’s Senior Project Manager for the RISE Project, discuss the research findings along with special guest speakers:

  • Krushnadevsinh Ravalji, Youth Commissioner at Victorian Multicultural Commission 
  • Dr Morley Muse, iSTEM Co-founder
  • Thenu Herath, Board Member at The Oaktree Foundation

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