Taking an intersectional approach to gender equality at work

Adopting an intersectional approach to gender equality helps us understand how other diversity dimensions can overlap with gender to compound disadvantage and discrimination.

Women are not all the same and gender inequality is not experienced in the same way for all women. An intersectional approach to gender equality – taking into account factors such as cultural diversity, LGBTIQ+ status, age, disability, Indigeneity and class – can reveal the compounding factors that add disadvantage and discrimination.

So what does this mean for gender equality policy, strategy and practice in the workplace today?

At this Gender Equality Network, MC’d by Amanda Webb, CEO of Xplore, DCA CEO Lisa Annese and a panel of experts investigated an intersectional approach to gender equality at work, including:

  • What intersectionality is and why we should apply an intersectional lens to gender equality at work
  • The factors that can amplify gender inequality – such as age, cultural diversity, indigeneity,  LGBTIQ+ status, disability and class
  • How workplaces can ensure programs for gender equality benefit more than just white, middle-class, heterosexual and able-bodied women.

Our guest speakers included:

  1. Shakira Hussein, National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne
  2. Somali Cerise, Director, Projects, Male Champions of Change
  3. Kate Russell, DCA Board member and Director of the Office of the Group Deputy Secretary, Place, Design and Public Space – Department of Planning Industry and Environment
  4. Ian Hancock, National Managing Partner, Management Consulting, KPMG Australia and
  5. Catherina Behan, Inclusion & Diversity Leader, Suncorp

Event Reviews

‘I found the presenters really helped unpack and articulate the concepts of intersectionality and gender, so thanks for a great presentation. – Reima Pryor, Our Watch 

‘It was a good event with great speakers.  Really appreciate the post event summary email with all of the resources linked – Thank you!’ – Anon, Event participant

‘It was really fantastic and enlightening and I only wish DCA’s reach was much greater. The list of resources and links that I received yesterday afternoon was fantastic and I have already distributed it to a number of social-justice focused staff.’ – Fraser Faithfull, Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand

‘I think this, and your last webinar on racism, have been excellent.’ – Anon, Event participant

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