From grassroots to C-suite: employee resource groups at HSBC Bank Australia

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a great way to open inclusion beyond D&I roles and involve the wider workplace. But how do you balance grassroots movements with business strategy and outcomes? 

HSBC Bank Australia has mastered this synergy within their voluntary, employee-led groups. They have numerous cohorts that combine their passion and lived experience with the organisation’s wider inclusion strategy. 

This case study features HSBC’s Kim-Don Pham, who leads HSBC Australia’s Employee Resource Groups.  

It also features Alycia Hatt, who is co-chair of the bank’s Ability ERG. 

Read on to find out how Kim and Alycia help HSBC Bank Australia address the competing interests of diverse employee groups – and ensure they serve the business’s DE&I goals.  

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