Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples – The Case for Action

Creating sustainable opportunities for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people that provide meaningful careers is not only fundamental in closing the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment but is also good for business. 

Adapted from Generations One’s Everybody’s Business: A handbook for Indigenous employment and The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Employ Outside the Box: The Business Case for Employing Indigenous Australians report. 

  • Access to markets and customers: Being committed to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment is becoming important when applying for government contracts and private tenders, and it can open additional business opportunities for companies. It can also open a growing market for products and services and strengthen connections with local communities. 
  • Access to talented people: Finding the right people, particularly when there are labour shortages. Despite Australia’s ageing population, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are growing and are a source of capable, committed workers. Organisations can also gain new skills and knowledge from training and working with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander employees. 
  • Representing customers: Meet organisational expectations around workforce profile reflecting customer profiles and increase attractiveness to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait and non-Indigenous customers. 
  • Creating diversity at work: Increasing diversity encourages new perspectives and awareness of business opportunities, and boosts workplace satisfaction. Pre-employment training provided for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander workers can be beneficial to non-Indigenous workers as well. 
  • Enhancing the company’s reputation: Being known as an employer of choice and a company that is progressive, inclusive, and socially responsible. It also demonstrates strong corporate citizenship which may assist in gaining a market edge with key clients and enhance the public reputation of your organisation. 
  • Fostering inclusion: DCA’s research shows that when organisations take action to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, it benefits everyone, including greater wellbeing and performance.