D&I planning

The business benefits for diversity in the workplace are well documented by research organisations, government and leading practice employers.

However, over the past decade, in business circles there has been a marked shift in focus from discussing diversity to diversity and inclusion. Organisations are increasingly recognising that if they wish to experience the benefits of diversity, they need to cultivate not just a diverse workplace but importantly also an inclusive one.

Diversity is the mix of people in your organisation

  • All the differences between people in how they identify in relation to their age, caring responsibilities, cultural background, disability, gender, Indigenous background, sexual orientation, and socio-economic background (Social Identity), and their profession, education, work experiences, and organisational role (Professional Identity).

Inclusion is getting this mix to work – creating an environment where a diversity of people are respected, connected, and progressing and contributing to your organisation’s success.
Inclusion occurs when a diversity of people (i.e. from different ages, gender etc.) experience:

  • Feeling valued and respected for who they are in their working environment.
  • Feel connected to and accepted by their co-workers
  • Have opportunities to develop their career and progress
  • Can contribute their talents to their organisation.

Depending on where your organisation is at on your D&I journey, you can read more on: